Self-Evaluations: Think Analytically About Going Abroad

Energize Your Self-Evaluation

When you first head abroad, it’s energizing to get caught up in the excitement of the moment. You’ll be in a state of high energy with so much stimulation around you, breathing in the wondrous air of your new home. You’ll be speed learning as you figure out how best to communicate across cultures, how to behave and how to get around. It’s easy to let this time fly by without stopping to reflect on your experiences – but don’t miss the chance to harness this energy and write about your impressions of life abroad! Not only will your writing be interesting to read when your adventure comes to an end; it will also give you unique insights into your personal and professional skill development.

By thinking and making notes about your time abroad, you’ll also be building a professional profile of yourself in this new cross-cultural environment.

So pick up a pen, or flip open your laptop and start writing as soon as you plan to go abroad. We recommend writing in a professional, thoughtful tone. This will allow you to easily transfer your writings into an interview or on-the-job context.

Questions To Get You Thinking Analytically About Your Experience

The following are links to specific questions to help you focus and write about your time abroad. Consider writing BEFORE, DURING and AFTER going abroad. Our Self Evaluations are available as an HTML or Word document (Word documents are available to all, no login required).

Good luck with going global !