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Get ready to explore the world! 

The Global You

Why Go Abroad?

Discover cross-cultural skills!

Cultural Essentials

Culture in the Workplace

Overcome barriers & get practical about planning!

Succeeding Abroad

Travel Essentials

Maximize the career value of going abroad!

Building Experience While in School

The Go Abroad Application Process

Career Strategies When Going Abroad

International Internships

International skills give you the edge!


Helpful Notes

For Students

  • Our popular Quick Guides are packed with critical information about building international competency and succeeding abroad.
  • Our 70+ Quick Guides cover the most popular go abroad topics to help you develop your global career skills and prepare for international work (at home or abroad) in a global economy.
  • Share these Quick Guides with student friends interested in going abroad. Share the URL links with school friends and alumni via social media to introduce them to MyWorldAbroad
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For Schools

  • Share these Quick Guides with students on your school's website, a link on social media, an email blast, newsletters, pre-departure orientations, re-entry orientations and online workshop material. The more you link, the more students will click.
  • The URL for each Quick Guide is not password protected, so you can provide direct access to students (i.e. students do not need to be logged into MWA to access our Quick Guides). 
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  • Print & Distribute Quick Guides: Distribute them in public waiting areas, during international events or in international courses. Print out copies of your favorite Quick Guides and leave them for students to peruse in the lobbies of your Career Center, Study Abroad or International Student offices. The footer at the bottom of each Quick Guide lets students know how to register for free access to MWA. 
  • Hand out our Quick Guides during Career Center workshops, such as "How to Intern Abroad," "How to Volunteer Abroad," "How to Find an International Job." Hand them out during study abroad workshops, such as "Pre-departure Orientation" or "Re-entry Orientation." Hand them out during international events or distribute to members of international clubs on campus. Hand them out to classmates taking in international courses.
  • Promote global career skills to first year studentsBoth the Career Center and the Study Abroad Office can take a broad approach to encouraging students to think internationally starting from the students' first day on campus. Consider distributing our Quick Guide below in the information packages of first-year students when they arrive for orientation. The Quick Guide can be printed and distributed, or it can be e-mail or sent out as a link. QUICK GUIDE: 10 Easy Ways For First-Year Students To Build International Skills.
  • Spanish Quick Guides: Encourage first generation students to share our Spanish Quick Guides with their parents to highlight the career value of going abroad.
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How Schools Can Use Our Quick Guides

  • Our Quick Guides provide the fundamental basics for helping students make the connection between the go abroad experience and their future work in a global economy. Encourage students to learn these principals and use them in parallel with your current go abroad advising materials.
  • Use our Quick Guides during one-on-one advising or to promote discussion during workshops, including pre-departure and re-entry advising. 
  • MyWorldAbroad training materials are designed to work together. Combining Stories From Abroad, Quick Guides and International Quizzes when designing student training programs. 

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  • Quick Guides are available above as pdf files (8½" x 11"). Most Quick Guides are a single page, a few are two pages and just a few are longer.
  • Quick Guide content is drawn from the articles of the same names found throughout MyWorldAbroad.com.