MyWorldAbroad Accessibility Statement

MyWorldAbroad Is Now Accessible!

At MyWorldAbroad, we are committed to making our site fully accessible for users with impairments. Programmer and content management expert Colan Schwartz was brought on board to assist us in meeting the Section 508 requirements, and working towards achieving the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA success criteria. By meeting these requirements, we ensure that users with motor, vision or hearing disabilities will be able to access all our site's content quickly and easily. MyWorldAbroad has completed its VPAT® (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). We are excited to soon launch our new accessibility features and, as always, we are open to your feedback. 

Keyboard Navigation

Users without fine motor control or the ability to execute simultaneous actions will now be able to browse our site content with ease, using keyboard navigation. Standard keyboard shortcuts now allow seamless navigation through MyWorldAbroad.

Visual Improvements

Improving accessibility for users with visual impariments is one of MyWorldAbroad's major goals. A custom-styled focus indicator is now available throughout the site, built around visual accessibility guidelines. When using keyboard navigation, you will now notice a dashed, black border around the element in focus.

MyWorldAbroad is proud to announce that our site is now compatible with most screen readers, making all our content more easily accessible to users who are blind or otherwise visually impaired. In addition, we have provided alt text on images so that screen readers may easily describe what is being displayed to the user.

We hope that these features and improvements make MyWorldAbroad even more useful for you. If you have comments, questions or concerns, please let us know!