Our Vision & Team


Our Vision & Team

At MyWorldAbroad, we know that globally-minded students can change the world! By partnering with career centers and study abroad offices at universities across North America, we support advisors in helping students build international skills and career readiness. With MyWorldAbroad, students are better prepared to enter the workforce, communicate across cultures, and thrive in diverse environments. Why is this all so important? Because the future of work is global!

Our Team

MyWorldAbroad is made up of passionate managers, researchers and editors with extensive global experience who are committed to the idea that international experiences (abroad, at home and online) can have a powerful positive impact on students’ careers.

Jean-Marc HacheyFounder & Author
(Toronto, Canada)

Jean-Marc is the founder, lead strategist and public face of MyWorldAbroad. As owner of Intercultural Systems/Systèmes Interculturels (ISSI), Jean-Marc delights in connecting with client schools and promoting international skill-building for young people. He is a lifelong cross-cultural observer with extensive cross-cultural work experience, both domestically and abroad. He works tirelessly (some say he’s obsessed), to find new ways of reaching today’s students, encouraging them to build global perspective and international experience. He’s proud to bring his vision to life through MyWorldAbroad and to support the next generation of globally-minded leaders. In his spare time, Jean-Marc is a gardener, renovator, cyclist, urbanist, foody and world news buff.

Claire SeringhausChief Editor & Co-writer
(London, UK)

Claire has been a transformative content writer, editor and consultant with MyWorldAbroad for 14 years. She develops content, consults on training models and brings clarity and focus to projects. Claire has spent more than a decade living and working abroad, most recently in Germany, Colombia and the UK. Her extensive international experience informs her work with MyWorldAbroad, allowing her to connect with students and young professionals from a place of empathy and understanding. From project management to research and writing to editing, Claire’s contribution to MyWorldAbroad is significant. Claire is also an accomplished illustrator and comedy writer.

Chris Cartwright, Chief Interculturalist
(Portland, USA)

With a PhD in intercultural communications, Chris has been a guiding light for keeping our educational standards high. He audits all MyWorldAbroad’s cross-cultural guides and models to ensure accuracy, applicability and rigor. When he’s not working with us, Chris is a busy intercultural consultant as well as lecturing and conducting research with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He’s passionate about promoting intercultural competence and best practices, and we’re always grateful for his insight. 

Diego Casco, Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist
(Toronto, Canada)

Diego is a graphic artist and web designer who infuses every job with talent and intelligence. He’s a wizard at finding visual solutions to convey complex ideas. Diego’s keen eye and creativity can be spotted throughout the MyWorldAbroad site in our models, layout, navigation systems and more. He keeps us on-brand, engaged and contemporary in our look and feel.

Dez Laminalao, Researcher (Manila, Philippines)

Dez is our trusted researcher and data expert, responsible for the ongoing update of our 3,500+ resources as well as helping us manage multiple data projects. She’s an expert in all types of software. With a penchant for perfection and an eye for detail, our team wouldn’t be the same without her. 

Sukhjinder Singh, Web Developer (Punjab, India)

Sukh is a hard-working web developer and Drupal expert. He’s a problem-solver who’s always ready for a challenge and we appreciate his mathematical brain! He keeps the MyWorldAbroad site up, running and functioning efficiently. Whenever there’s a glitch or a new function to create, he’s the one we call. 

Marie Josée BlanchardTranslator & Researcher
(Wolfville, Canada)

Marie-Josée has partnered with MyWorldAbroad for over a decade. She applies her exceptional research and translation skills to ensure that our French resources are at their best and all content translations are accurate and consistent. Marie-Josée has significant international experience, and is now based at Acadia University, where she teaches religious studies.